More Avengers: Endgame Gauntlets Than You Can Snap a Finger At, and the Rest of the Most Powerful Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular roundup of all things good and merchandisable, as seen on the internet lately. This week: so many gauntlets, so little time! Star Trek cats! A very peculiar Far From Home vehicle! And Boba Fett—Boba Fett, where!? Check it out.

Experimental Plane Shows Supersonic Blasts of Air Could Simplify the Way We Pilot Aircraft

The more moving parts a machine has, the more likely it is to eventually fail. It’s an especially problematic rule of thumb for aircraft given the fact that a mechanical failure during a flight can be catastrophic. To help remedy this, a British aerospace company recently tested a unique plane that replaces its wing’s…

These Lego Star Wars Droids Might Be the Toy Robots Everyone's Been Looking For

Consumer-focused robots have been having a bit of a hard time in recent years. Just last week, Anki, maker of the adorable Cozmo and Vector bots, was the latest robot maker to go under as consumers hesitated to spend $250 on an automaton that didn’t really do anything. Lego’s latest creation also won’t vacuum your…

A New Storage Breakthrough Could Squeeze a Library's Worth of Data Into a Teaspoon of Protein

By 2020, researchers estimate that the world’s digital archive will weigh in at around 44 trillion gigabytes. That’s an astounding amount of data that isn’t necessarily being stored in the safest of places. Most storage mediums naturally degrade over time (if they’re not hacked or accidentally destroyed) and even the