Kirk Hamilton
Kotaku Editor-at-Large
Nov 15 2018

The next big Assassin’s Creed Odyssey patch is live. This one increases the level cap and adds a new Lost Tale of Greece, among many other changes. It also adds visual armor customization, which means my Kassandra can finally dress like Wonder Woman without sacrificing her stealth armor bonuses.

Nov 12 2018

Stan Lee’s recent cameo in Marvel’s Spider-Man was more of a direct fourth-wall break than some of his other appearances. It was also pretty lovely, I thought. Rest in peace, Mr. Lee.

Oct 30 2018

Bungie has detailed the many changes in today’s big Destiny 2 patch. Gambit Sleeper ammo nerf! Breakthrough tweaks! Enhancement Cores! Reduced exotic duplicates (allegedly)! Read all the changes at the Bungie blog.

Oct 16 2018

The latest Destiny 2 update tweaks and fixes a bunch of stuff, from supers to class abilities to weapon balance. Read the full patch notes for everything, though Bungie has actually made a few small changes and additions (Lost Sectors on maps, three-pursuit tracking) that aren’t in the patch notes.

Oct 11 2018

Did you know there’s a storage box aboard your ship in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? Because there totally is, right behind where you normally stand. Goodbye, crappy Ubisoft Club items that I can’t dismantle. (Thanks, Redditor Tirnirnog86, for pointing this out.)

Oct 10 2018

Bungie has shared details on Destiny 2's upcoming Festival of the Lost, which starts October 16. Among other things, there’ll be a new timed mode in Mercury’s Infinite Forest that sounds like it could be cool. We’ll also get a quest to avenge the death of Master Ives, a character I’m sure you totally remember and

Oct 4 2018

Bungie has detailed a bunch more changes coming to Destiny 2: Forsaken in October. Among other things: an increase to the Malfeasance quest drop rate, reduced Sleeper ammo in Gambit, a Scout rifle PvE damage buff, map names for discovered Lost Sectors, tracking for up to three pursuits, and no prestige Last Wish raid.