Chris Person
Senior video producer of Kotaku. I make Highlight Reel. Send your clips to
2:55 PM

Find or create something amazing in Dreams? Get a once-in-a-lifetime shot in Apex Legends? Create a funny mod? We wanna see it. Email your amazing gaming clips to and we might include it our show Highlight Reel!

12:45 PM

Highlight Reel returns to tomorrow for the first episode of 2020. As always, send your great gaming moments to and we might feature them on the show. Iā€™m looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to over the winter break.

3:24 PM

The last episode of Highlight Reel for 2019 is going up tomorrow. As always, feel free to email your great gaming moments to and we may include it on the show! You can also DM me on Twitter if you have any questions.

2:55 PM

Highlight Reel is back from Thanksgiving break tomorrow at about 6PM (EST). As always, if you have a great gaming moment, feel free to submit it to and we might feature it on our show!

5:45 PM

Highlight Reel is switching to a once-a-week schedule, with episodes premiering (usually) every Thursday. Episodes should be a bit longer to compensate. As always, send you great gaming clips to! You can also bug me on Twitter if you have any questions.