Ahead of its midseason finale, How To Get Away With Murder turns in a visceral episode on how bad the world is


Set one month after the murder of Nate Lahey Sr., “I Got Played” threads the needle for the first half of How To Get Away With Murder’s fifth season, crucially bringing several storylines to a head ahead of next week’s midseason finale. And while, as usual, there’s a lot happening, this particular jam-packed episode…

In a classic moral dilemma, the Charmed Ones have to save the girl or save the world


Charmed has fun playing around with supernatural expectations. The sisters are new to the world of magic, and every week turns up new surprises for them, new rules for how all this stuff works. “Exorcise Your Demons” introduces one of the elders, the governing body that presides over all good magic happenings and…

Isolated moments shine in an otherwise overloaded How To Get Away With Murder


How To Get Away With Murder often has an overstuffing problem, and “We Can Find Him” is the kind of episode that loads so much into the machine that by the time I started feeling like the episode was probably close to wrapping up...it was only halfway done. This season is plagued by a focus problem. The murder teased…

A strikingly long silence defines an emotional, intense How To Get Away With Murder


“It Was the Worst Day of My Life” zeroes in on the two central storylines of How To Get Away With Murder’s first season. There’s the continuation of Nate Sr.’s trial, which is newly reinvigorated with emotional stakes thanks to a letter that Nate wrote at 14-years-old resurfacing. But what really anchors “It Was the…

On How To Get Away With Murder, everyone's favorite hobby is breaking boundaries


Even at its messiest, How To Get Away With Murder handles trauma with care, depth, and nuance. That can’t be said of a lot of thrillers that dabble so frequently in murder and violent crimes. “You don’t have a right to mess with anyone else’s trauma,” Annalise spits at Nate, who is convinced that they need to tell…

Michaela channels her inner Annalise in a low-voltage How To Get Away With Murder


How To Get Away With Murder is taking its time setting up its central mysteries this season. The show often barrels through story very quickly, sometimes to its own detriment. So a measured pace isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just...different. Like the premiere, “Whose Blood Is That?” feels like mostly setup.