Jason Torchinsky
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Jul 8

An old rite of passage in mid-century Holland was to place a young boy, about 12 years old, behind a running car and have him breathe the exhaust in deeply, over and over, until he finally passed out. If he lasted a set amount of time (this varied region to region) he would then become an official “Man of the City”

Jul 7

It’s not all that often that you can look at a car and get a taste in your mouth almost immediately, but this MG Magnette is absolutely, unquestionably the same flavor as grape soda. Or a grape Tootsie Pop. That purple flavor we call “grape” even though it’s really purple flavor. Lick your screen to see for yourself!

Jul 6

Welcome to a whole new week! It’s useful to contemplate the idea of actions and consequences before embarking on your new week of daily—perhaps hourly—triumphs, so please consider the fate of this 1975 Sunbeam being driven through ocean water. Did it rust away before the morning’s shoot was done, or did it hold on

Jul 2

Man, just once I’d love to be at the right place at the right time to see a Land Rover Forward Control truck egg hatch from its underground nest and see that newborn Landie come clambering out of the ground, all confused and eager. I’ll even have a pan of gas ready for it!

Jul 1

It’s not widely known, but early Ford Tanus 17Ms used a lot of anti-caninium alloys in their hood, which could sometimes cause tiny dogs to float, unsettlingly, over the car’s hood and fenders.