Torch and David's Unaccredited Life Garage: The Answers You Deserve

Hot damn. It’s happening. It’s really happening. We let you know that we’re here to help with your life, your cars, your soul, your problems—all of them, car-related and otherwise, and you came through, sending us a whole rusty busload of quality, thoughtful, and, yes, sometimes painful questions. We can’t answer them

Here's Ten Disruptive Car-Related Business Ideas That Will Probably Make You Super Rich

Are you sick of being broke all the time? Eating sandwiches with scraps of cardboard with the word “HAM” scrawled on them? I know I am. But I’m not here to complain; I’m here to solve problems and chew gum, and my debit card got declined when I tried to buy gum. So, here, my gift to you, 10 sure-fire get-rich…

Volkswagen Is Finally Bringing Back Some Good Colors To America But It's Not Cheap

Color! It’s my dream that, before I die, someone will heft the plastic bag that contains the still operating parts of my body, and hold a remaining eye to a window, where I’ll look out to see traffic flowing by, in a Skittles-like array of many, varied colors. We’re still far from that goal, but at least Volkswagen is…

Bumper Falls Off Brand New Tesla Model 3 After 30 Minutes and Some Rain (Updated)

We’ve written about Tesla’s production and quality control issues, especially with the new Model 3, before, but this would be sort of startling even if we hadn’t: a person bought a Tesla Model 3, and, within the first 30 minutes of driving the car back home, the rear bumper cover falls off. That’s, um, not ideal.

Tuner Shop Employee Was Caught Putting Metal Shavings Into Dealer's 'Vette, Says It Was a Joke, Not a Scam [Updated]

This is a strange story. Fundamentally, it’s the story of two Dallas-area enthusiast car shops: one, a dealer in used performance cars, and the other, a tuner shop. What happened between the two companies started out as a normal enough exchange, but got weird, fast, with one side claiming it was an attempted scam, and…