Jason Torchinsky
Senior Editor, Jalopnik • Running: 1973 VW Beetle, 2006 Scion xB, 1990 Nissan Pao, 1991 Yugo GV Plus • Not-so-running: 1973 Reliant Scimitar, 1977 Dodge Tioga RV (also, buy my book!)
8:45 AM

You know the face you made as a kid when you use your fingers to pull down your lower eyelids, exposing the gross pink tissue underneath while simultaneously making a sort of underbite grimace with your mouth? That seems to have been the styling model for the 1954 Buick Century.

8:45 AM

“Sir? Ma’am? Might there be a gala you could take us to? A ball? Charity fundraiser? Please, even a Bar Mitzvah? We’re ever so cold and wet and well-dressed!”

8:45 AM

It’s Veteran’s Day, so let’s take a moment to honor this under-appreciated automotive soldier, the M422 Mighty Mite. Made by AMC, this little shrunken Jeep had America’s only air-cooled V4 used in a car, ever, I think. Made primarily for the Marines, these things were tiny and tough and light and designed to be

9:18 AM

It’s Friday, friends. This is how your week ends, and your weekend begins. Flung through the T-Top of a ‘79 Thunderbird, whisked across the mists and flung into the front seat of an old biplane. Then, injections, at least four, and up into the air you go. That’s when they hand you the wet paper bag.