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So, I was just thinking about this just yesterday. The children of early explorers and pioneers didn’t have a choice in where they were going either. Of course, there would be entire generations on those ships that would be born and die without having an opportunity to live on a new world, so that complicates things a Read more

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The multigenerational starship concept is something I have come full circle on. In my younger years I loved this idea, journeys lasting 100's or even thousands of years to establish humanity elsewhere in the cosmos just seemed to be the natural extension of the human exploration spirit. Read more

4:57 PM

I think we all have a hard time really grasping this. We tend to think of evolution in the same way we think of our own family trees in a fairly linear manner. Evolution isn’t a tree. It’s more like a river winding through a delta. Streams diverge. Some go their own path and others rejoin. Change is slow unless Read more

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See, this is the kind of comment I look for when I go read the comments.  Positive and appreciative.  I hope something good happens for you today.

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I’ll be honest, I don’t always understand how everything fits together in this process ... to be fair scientists and researchers are constantly updating their understandings as new information comes to light... but as a guy who grew up in a very over the top conservative Christian home...(read - evolution is a tactic Read more

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It’s wild to think about how long ago they lived and how long these species existed for. We live for a blink of an eye by comparison. Fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

12:35 PM

I have to say, the first thing I did (even before reading this article) was to go back and see how well Annalee Newitz had done with her 2009 version of this article. Granted, that article said “next 15 years”, so it still has a few to go.

And the answer is...not bad!

15. Lost returns
Easy prediction, but this did Read more

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I agree with the experts who think it’s rather premature - to put it mildly - to start deliberately introducing Terran microbes to Mars as the vanguard of a terraforming effort. We need more time for examination, if only to build up an idea of whether or not life is near the top surface couple of meters. If we do Read more

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Just an FYI Goerge, the other paper that’s under review with AJ is led by Bjorn Benneke, who is the astronomer who proposed for and led the Hubble programs which Tsiaras et al. used for their paper. You can see in their paper Benneke’s team did a more detailed analysis of all the available data for the system, Read more

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Trying to imagine what it would be like, paddling out of the ice-girded shores, and meeting a vast river with no other humans anywhere. Not having any idea what was out there, except for perhaps clues from the birds flying overhead...

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...A. anamensis likely lived alongside A. afarensis for around 100,000 years, according to the new research. This unexpected overlap means some species within the Australopithecus genus didn’t evolve linearly... Read more

11:32 AM

Came here to say this. it’s so funny to me that people have somehow convinced themselves that the Earth will be around and habitable long enough for us to develop the technology required to set up a colony (a colony, not a base) on Mars. Sure, maybe it’s possible, but I simply don’t see how you could look at climate Read more

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why should we expect troves of people to want to live in a place that’s considerably more unpleasant? It seems a poor alternative to living on Earth” Read more

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I think humans will out-breed our ability to feed ourselves long before colonies outside our biosphere become independently viable. Read more

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This is actually kind of touching. Its like a family helping care for a member who is ill. Obviously, I may be projecting my emotions on the trees, but, it shows a support system that most humans don’t even have.

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Former space suit design engineer here...the dust was extremely damaging to the bearings and other mating surfaces on the suit. It has a static charge and clings to everything. The regolith is very sharp and once embedded is very difficult to remove. Brushing it off did very little and maybe even helped to drive it Read more

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This is the correct take. The Warriors looked to be running out of steam in previous rounds. Their core players essentially added a sixth season’s worth of games in the process of their last five playoff runs. The Clippers and a completely dysfunctional Rockets team both took them to six games. There are no asterisks. Read more