George Dvorsky
George is a senior staff reporter at Gizmodo.
Oct 19

What I’m taking away from this is that cat memes are older than the New Testament.

Oct 14

Pretty sure Roscosmos is shaking in their boots. Paying customers for seats in their antique Soyuz rocket are one of the few things they have going for them these days. Note that just in the last week or two they’ve announced a new rocket project that closely mimics SpaceX, both in form factor (highly similar to Read more

Aug 26

Excellent story.  Thank you for writing it and bringing this subject to our attention.

Aug 21

Looney Toons leaves me feeling deceived once again. First they tell me rabbits know how to get to Albuquerque, then coyotes are super geniuses and pigs have speech impediments, now they are telling me Tasmanian devils aren’t so devilish.

Aug 21

This isn’t really all that surprising if you are familiar with some of the more unbiased reports from the time. While thylacine were blamed for killing sheep, this being one of the main reasons they were bounty hunted, there are few if any credible accounts of them ever being seen attacking sheep. Read more

Aug 6

Retraction seems like a very strange route to take. A future paper could have simply correctly identified Oculudentavis as a squamate. That’s generally how science works (it’s self-correcting). There’s definitely more to this story, and it’s a shame that Nature’s not saying.

Jul 2

This is really cool to read about. In around 1990 I spent many dozens of hours in the field with my ornithology professor. We happened across a group of young male White-throated Sparrows overwintering and learning their song. This is certainly how dialect spreads. It was fascinating to watch and listen to them as Read more

Jun 26

My husky simply couldn’t be let off the leash, as he would just make a bolt for the horizon and was determined to keep going til he caught it. He was an amazing dog, but training him was seriously difficult and I never did manage to train him to return from being off-leash. It was simply too much fun to run.

Jun 25

A couple Greenland dogs came for a visit just this week. These pup's dad was part of a team that pulled a sled from Greenland to Resolute Nunavut. Their mom was born in Resolute from other members of the same team. 

Jun 5

I was really rooting for that white house. Looks like it washed back up on shore and is somewhat intact.