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You'll Be Alright

I’m supposed to write a goodbye post, I guess. I’m supposed to say something profound about the State of Cars, or

Ejecto Seat, Kristen Lee

It’s a lot harder to hire for this dang place than it looks. Sure a person can drive, but can they write? Sure, a

The forward observation lounge on the Shiki-Shima train from the East Japan Railway Company features not just windows and chairs, but hand-woven carpets meant to resemble moss. “Enjoy the amazing textures,” JR-East says.

DEAD: Holden

Farewell to Australia’s mightiest car company, Chinese manufacturers move to fill the gap, and the one country on

I despise traditional hot rods. I just do! It’s my Bad Car Opinion, I’m entitled to one, since yours (yes, YOURS) are all terrible. But one “hot” “rod” that I unabashedly love is the Volvo Hot Rod Jakob, based on an original Volvo ÖV4 from the 1920s. It’s different and interesting and such a lovely shade of blue.