Comic-Con Is Nearly Here, and It's Bringing the Most Exclusive Toys of the Week With It

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular roundup of the latest in rad merchandise that’s draining our wallets. And this week, it’s even worse. We might be a month away from San Diego Comic-Con, but that just means it’s time for companies to tease us with the cool things that we can’t get without going...and still …

The Original NES Console Had a Motion Control Joystick 15 Years Before the Nintendo Wii Did

Remember how the Wii’s groundbreaking motion controls helped Nintendo sell over 100 million consoles? Well, it turns out it wasn’t actually the first Nintendo console you could play by flailing around a joystick. Thanks to a third party accessory called the Hot Stik, the original NES had rudimentary motion controls…

Researchers Follow Bats' Example, Use Cheap Speakers and Mics to See Objects Hidden Around Corners

A lot of amazing technologies developed at universities or corporate R&D labs never see the light of day because they’re just too expensive to turn into consumer-ready products. But by copying how bats navigate the world at night, researchers have come up with a way to see hidden objects around corners using cheap…

You'll Spare No Expense for This Comic-Con Exclusive Jurassic Park John Hammond Figure

It’s not terribly surprising that there’s only been a handful of Jurassic Park John Hammond action figures to date. When it comes to old men with lots of money, Tony Stark gets most of the attention. But 26 years after Jurassic Park stomped through theaters, Mattel is blessing us with a truly excellent Hammond figure

Action Figure Sarah Connor Has No Time For Your Bullshit, and the Rest of the Ass-Kicking Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly gathering of all the action figures tempting our wallets on the internet lately. This week: a very tall dinosaur, D23 shows off an exclusive Woody, and Terminator: Dark Fate is already kicking off its merch cycle with a very badass Sarah Connor. Check it out!

The World's Best Crowdfunding Site Releases Incredible New Rules and Guidelines to Help Protect Amazing Backers

After launching a little over a decade ago, it didn’t take long for Kickstarter to become more than a place for amateur inventors to sell their ideas to the public. It soon became fraught with failures, scams, and over-promises of countless products’ capabilities and worth. To help improve the reputation of the site,

Without Wires or Bluetooth, This Case Lets You Add Buttons and Scroll Wheels to Your Smartphone

It won’t be long before smartphones ditch every last physical button, but is that necessarily a good thing? Fewer components in a device means more profit for manufacturers, but users are left having to learn awkward touchscreen gestures to compensate. Researchers at Columbia University are bringing back the button…