Lego's Next Series of Collectible Minifigures Includes a Mermaid Batman and Superman's Dad

Lego’s second feature film, The Lego Batman Movie, wasn’t as big a hit as the toymaker’s first theatrical outing, but it was one of those rare times when the sum of its parts was greater than the whole. That’s why Lego is creating another series of blind-bagged minifigures based on Batman, and all the wacky DC Comics…

You Can Own a Lifesize Version of the Worst R2-D2 Action Figure of All Time for $3,200

Rushed out the door to meet the tremendous and unexpected demand for Star Wars toys, Kenner’s original R2-D2 action figure, which bore only a passing resemblance to the droid, looks downright archaic by today’s toy standards. But that’s also made it incredibly popular among collectors, and to capitalize on all that…

Columbia's New Empire Strikes Back Jackets Will Keep You Warmer Than a Dead Tauntaun

Last December, Columbia released a collection of winter jackets based on the costumes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They were all only available in limited quantities, making them incredibly hard to find, but this year’s collection, based on the iconic outfits worn by Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker in