DeVante Parker's Agent Calls Adam Gase "Incompetent," Says The Coach Should "Make Himself Inactive"

Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker has appeared in two games this season, but “appeared” is a word with a lot of wiggle room. He was targeted just three times in Week 3, and was only on the field for four snaps in Week 6. He’s otherwise been struggling with injury, first a broken finger and then a quad injury.…

David Price Tells Alex Bregman To "Post That" After Getting Blown Away By Nathan Eovaldi

The ALCS was largely beef-free, outside of the front offices. Certainly no player-on-player enmity, like we’re seeing in the senior circuit. The closest thing was Houston’s Alex Bregman posting before Game 3 an Instagram story showing that night’s starter Nathan Eovaldi surrendering back-to-back-to-back dingers to the…

MLB Buys Astros' "We Were Only Taking Pictures Of Other Teams' Dugouts To Make Sure They Weren't Cheating" Defense

In the second-pettiest looming controversy of this postseason, Houston had been accused by both the Indians and Red Sox of having a man working for the Astros standing in the camera well, using a cell phone camera to capture images of their dugouts. MLB has come out swiftly and strongly on the matter: It doesn’t care.

Two Games For Chokeslamming Says Nothing About Mike Matheson's Intent, But A Lot About The NHL's

Panthers defenseman Mike Matheson has been handed a two-game suspension by the NHL for this slam on Vancouver’s Elias Pettersson, who is now out indefinitely with a concussion. It was an unnecessary hit, and yes, a dirty one, but there’s no way DoPS would have punished this if it hadn’t injured a young star.