Power Struggle at Rich Energy Continues as It's Accused of Stiffing Whyte Bikes $45,000

Rich Energy, the mysterious British energy-drink company plastered across the Haas Formula One Team’s cars, is having quite the week. From a later-refuted statement that it would end its Haas partnership over “poor performance” and “PC attitude,” to an apparent power struggle within the company, things are weird as…

Haas F1 Sponsor Rich Energy Claims to Have Terminated Contract, Citing ‘PC Attitude’ [Update: Haas Says They're Still Partners]

Rich Energy, the enigmatic British energy-drink company that came aboard the Haas Formula One Team’s cars this year and brought a whole lot of questions of legitimacy with it, tweeted Wednesday that it has terminated its contract with the team. The tweet cited “poor performance” and a “PC attitude” in F1.

Here's Why F1 Took Three Hours to Decide Whether Max Verstappen Would Keep His Austrian GP Win

For the past three Formula One race weekends, the talk after the grand prix has been more about the stewards than the racing itself—something any viewer, no matter the sport, knows is a miserable outcome. But the full conversation about the Austrian Grand Prix didn’t even begin until more than three hours after the…