Teammate-Wrecking F2 Driver Also Applied To Run A 'Make America Great Again' Decal On His Race Car

Despite the team boss saying political ads weren’t allowed, Formula 2 driver Santino Ferrucci—who drew near-universal ire this weekend for running into his teammate after the race ended and holding a phone while driving from the support paddock to pit lane—and his family “insisted” on trying to run President Trump’s…

Here’s What Happened With The Tesla Model S Race Car That Got Too Hot After Five Miles On An F1 Track

No matter how close the electric takeover of the auto industry seems, there’s always the occasional reminder that the future isn’t as perfect or as within reach as we imagine. Take this Tesla-based Electric GT Championship race car, which only made it a lap and a half at full power recently before getting too hot.

NASCAR Controversially Rules Winning Pass Illegal After Driver Dips Below Yellow Line At Daytona

“Out of bounds” almost never applies in NASCAR, but passing below the yellow line at a restrictor-plate race tracks is a no-go. Driver Justin Haley got a harsh reminder of that Friday, when he barely dipped below the line in a bold move for the win and got penalized. But the call, and the rule, could be a lot clearer.