We liked what we saw at E3 of zombie survival sim State of Decay II. The sequel still involves leveling up a group of survivors, still has permadeath. Adds online co-op (with permadeath!) and hundreds more character traits. Can a guilt-motivated groundskeeper co-exist with a fight choreographer who snores? Spring 2018…

We played Shadow of War for 10 minutes at E3. The demo’s main event was a fortress siege (watch an archived E3 stream of one raid). Arkham-style combat returns, but you storm the gates with hand-picked Orc allies who unleash special attacks. Could be a gimmick. Could be deeply strategic. We’ll know on October 10.

We got a hands-off demonstration of this August’s standalone $40 PS4 adventure Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Quick impressions: Beautiful location? Check (India). Fun character banter? Yep (Nadine’s a bad-ass. Chloe’s wry). Dynamic firefights? Of course (looked like the best of Uncharted 4's).

No wonder E3 seemed extra-crowded this year. It was extra-crowded! The ESA, which runs the event, just announced that 2017 E3 attendance was 68,400, including, for the first time, 15,000 members of the public. Up from the ESA’s count of 50,300 total attendance at E3 2016.

After a somewhat sleepy show floor in 2016, E3 is very crowded this year, maybe due to the thousands of tickets sold to the public, maybe due to bad booth design. The event opened 15 minutes early on Tuesday to reduce the crush. That’s the Nintendo booth in the photo. A rep told us to expect tweaks to the booth today…

The long-dreamt dream of virtual reality was leading to this: Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. It’s a first-person fishing game starring the bros from FFXV. Because the game title “Ridiculous Fishing” was already taken.