Stephen Totilo
Editor-in-Chief. Playing: Luigi's Mansion 3, Destiny 2, Division 2 (need to get back to RDR2, Iconoclasts, Arkham Origins, Doom, Sushi Striker, Samus Returns, AC Odyssey, Breakpoint, and Outer Wilds)
2:25 PM

Splitscreen co-host Kirk Hamilton just posted this arrangement of the theme from The Secret of Monkey Island. It features a bunch of different instruments, including what he tells me is his first ever recorded pennywhistle solo. It also appears to feature several clones of Kirk. 

2:27 PM

The extensive patch notes for The Division 2's big Title Update 6 have been posted by publisher Ubisoft. Overhauls to the game’s loot system are a big part of it, but this is also kind of exciting: “Added the option to add a dye to all armor pieces.” At last! The updates hit the game on Tuesday.

4:40 PM

Destiny 2 advice needed, please. It’s a week from the new expansion, which I’m interested in playing. But I only just finished Destiny 2's campaign and am ready to play more this week. I tend to like PvE, don’t like grinding, like seeing new areas, going on fun quests and sidequests. So... what should I do?