There’s room for a little originality in the Oscar race for Best Adapted Screenplay

For much of the past 25 years, the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay has functioned as a consolation prize given to movies too personal, unusual, or inventive—which is to say, too good—to win (or in some cases even get nominated for) the big Best Picture prize. Pulp Fiction, Fargo, Almost Famous, Lost In

Despite a cool mutant rescue mission, The Gifted's midseason premiere looks a lot like its first season


Since we last left the quarreling semi-emo mutants of Fox’s X-Men offshoot The Gifted, the show’s ensemble and storylines have become more fractured than ever. In any given episode, we’re following the Strucker family (minus wayward son Andy); at least two different factions within the Inner Circle (plus or minus…

Like a costume-drama HeatMary Queen Of Scots keeps Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie apart


One thing the historical drama Mary Queen Of Scots seems to acknowledge straight away is that to apply the traditional biopic structure to the life of Mary Stuart, a queen of Scotland and would-be queen of England from the 16th century, would be an exercise in uncontrollable dramatic excess. (A 1936 attempt ended with…