Louise fights for childhood and weird puppets on a touching Bob’s Burgers


Bob’s Burgers isn’t nearly as cynical about adulthood as it could be. As “If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Marionette?” argues, people might give up on their youthful dreams and enthusiasm, but nothing is ever gone forever. In Esther, the episode’s Edith Cranwinkle-looking puppet theater owner, the show gives us…

Bob's Burgers reminds us there's nothing better than love, except broken beds


“Bed, Bob, And Beyond” takes us into some of the scariest, most unsettling possible territory for a Bob’s Burgers episode, let alone a Valentine’s Day story: It throws the whole show off its axis to have Bob and Linda fighting for an entire episode. That’s an intriguing risk for the show to take, especially when this…

Doctor Who’s latest season is the show at its most revolutionary—and its most traditional

From the moment Jodie Whittaker was revealed as the 13th Doctor in July 2017, incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall began building a Doctor Who unlike any before it. More than a year later, with Whittaker and Chibnall’s first season in the books and a New Year’s special—rather than the more traditional Christmas…

The new Doctor is in—and so are our first impressions

Doctor Who season 11 hit the ground running with a new Doctor—Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to ever step into on the role—new companions, and new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Here, in addition to a full review of the premiere, The A.V. Club weighs in on Whittaker’s (and the season’s) auspicious debut.