The new Doctor is in—and so are our first impressions

Doctor Who season 11 hit the ground running with a new Doctor—Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to ever step into on the role—new companions, and new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Here, in addition to a full review of the premiere, The A.V. Club weighs in on Whittaker’s (and the season’s) auspicious debut.

Doctor Who makes multiple Masters and old-school Cybermen more than a nostalgia tour


Like the opening entries of most of new Doctor Who’s two-parters, “World Enough And Time” has to hold most of the really good stuff in reserve for next week’s episode. We get only the smallest taste of John Simm’s Master out of his preposterous disguise, and precious little sense of his interactions with Michelle…

Tonight’s Doctor Who is nothing special, at least until it uncorks an all-time great ending


For most of its 45-minute running time, “The Pyramid At The End Of The World” is fine. Not much more than that, admittedly, but there’s nothing wrong with fine. But it’s perhaps telling that the most inventive, most powerful moments of tonight’s episode come when it’s drafting off of the stories before and after it.…