Whooping Crone
Jun 27

Ooh to add to your cheesecake workaround: I’ve been making myself berry smoothies in the morning, and a small scoop (like a teaspoon) of cream cheese automatically makes it a cheesecake smoothie.

Jun 27

Sadly, today I broke my 3 day streak of having cake for breakfast. I’m sure my body appreciates it, but oatmeal is boring. Pizza sounds good! Lol.

Jun 21

Mom and I spent the morning cleaning dad’s boat. It may seem weird, but it was a nice tribute to him now that he’s not with us anymore. Every spring Dad would spend hours washing and detailing it before bringing it up to the river. That thing sparkled in the sun.  We may not have done as thorough of a job as he did, Read more

Jun 20

I’m having a hard time. I feel like I have nothing good in my life and the things I’ve tried to be excited about have all ended up being terrible. Which is why I try not to get excited about things but there you go. We got a new chef at work and I feel like I’m being pushed out. I’m still being paid as the pastry chef Read more

Jun 20

Weedle Pokemon community day! Catching bugs on the couch.  I have 4 shiny so far 

May 31

I’m feeling extraordinarily overwhelmed by everything that’s happening right now. I can’t process any of it or even really think about it. Just... overwhelmed. And I am one of the lucky ones! I wish I had something useful to say but my brain and heart are just broken.

May 16

Honestly I also believe the Venn diagram of annoying people going to Costco for no reason except to stockpile TP and people flipping their shit about Costco’s mask policy and refusing to go has a decent amount of overlap.