Whooping Crone
Dec 8 2017

I posted two days ago about my daughter’s not being in touch with me for several months, though apparently she had

Aug 19 2017

I am packed for our camping/eclipse viewing trip but Cronyboy has sooo much electronic and photography gear and he’s

Jun 14 2017

Just in case anyone else here is still playing. I noticed yesterday that I was suddenly getting shittons of points.

Apr 2 2017

A week and a half ago I posted about not knowing whether I’d get into Bolivia without already having a visa. Read more

Mar 28 2017

Today I’m taking off for Bogota! Leaving the house around 6 pm, have to get everything in order before I go, make

Mar 23 2017

So I have the trip of a lifetime coming up next week, 10 days in South America with my son. 6 days will be in

Jan 12 2017

It appeared from the latest Duolingo club post that there was a need for a GT Spanish club so I started a new one.

Dec 19 2016

Someday soon I will be out from under all this work and up in Bellingham with my son and Cronyboy and his fam. I

Nov 28 2016

I don’t think I’ve seen this posted here but there’s a conservative group that is trying to run a boycott on Target

Nov 23 2016

Middle of the day before American Thanksgiving (at least it is here). Are you at work with that impending-weekend