Feb 5

I’m pretty cynical. He knows trump will not be convicted so he feels comfortable putting himself on the right side of history. MAGAs will rage for a couple days put ultimately he will not be blamed for anything since trump is not being removed.

Jan 17

Don’t forget about the time Charlies Kushner sent a prostitute over to make a sex tape with his sister’s husband to use as blackmail!!!!! She shouldn’t let him be around the kids if they have them. Hopefully she’ll get out before then.

Jan 15

He’s ONLY 40 years old???? He has a child??? A woman actually said I want to have that guy’s baby? Lord...

Jan 12

Poor Beckys, first they’re racist and now they’re unattractive. Y’all might want to go by Rebecca.

Nov 25

I suspect one of those kind things Pratt did to make the world a better place is vote GOP/trump.  So I’ll pass, Kath, thanks.

Nov 17

It’s just that I’m a WAR HERO! I couldn’t have had sex with an under-aged girl, there was a shot fired somewhere in the vicinity of where I was!