Apr 22 2016

What do you have to do to a piece of jewelry in order for it to be a noticeable downgrade from something you bought at Kay jewelers? Were they replacing the stones with bottle caps?

Apr 19 2016

You guys, under no circumstances should any LA-based Jezzies reply to this ad, get the job, and spend one to two weeks ‘tutoring’ this doucheba- ahem - _gentleman_, that Feminism is actually caused by Wandering Womb syndrome and an imbalance of the humors, and that its founder was Camille Paglia, who later went on to Read more

Apr 12 2016

Well, personally, I know that when I see a child with a cookie, I’m unable to control myself because hunger is a natural human urge and cookies are delicious. Read more

Apr 11 2016

Oh, no, believe me, if your acid trip story involves a hilarious public spectacle and ends with “... And then I said ‘Officer, these aren’t even my pants,’” please feel free to share with the group.

Apr 7 2016

Totes seconding the epilator advice. I spent $80 on mine 4 years ago, and it's still going strong. I spend, like, an hour every two weeks (but I epilate, like, all conceivable hair-growing surfaces) and I'm good to go. I think mine is a Remington? Also, I removed the little plastic skin guard, which means it pinches a Read more

Mar 25 2016

Kara, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I guess our family has just had a ton of bald-ass babies, because babies with lots of hair never look quite right to me. Cute, for sure. But my brain is on some uncanny valley shit trying to make sense of it.

Mar 22 2016

The fact that it didn’t even occur to this guy that he didn’t know anything about his daughter’s mother’s live-in-boyfriend until his _ex-wife_ pointed it out to him tells me that he is not, in fact, super-involved with his daughter.

Mar 22 2016

You and me, both. I have a feeling that this is not the first and only instance of this guy’s self-absorption and entitlement.

Mar 22 2016

If you’re a huge asshole, then so am I. I was reading all the way through, thinking “Just get a second job at Taco Bell and pay your arrears.” Read more

Mar 22 2016

Me, as a child-support paying divorced mom with 50/50 physical custody, who still buys school uniforms and new shoes and haircuts for my kids because my ex-husband won’t.

Mar 21 2016

“The defense team has been quick to acknowledge Ford’s guilt, but argues that too long of a sentence would leave his pregnant wife and two-year-old son financially unstable.” Read more