Jul 7 2017

Every school year, I have to take a moment or two to explain to my students why I go by Ms instead of Mrs. Mrs. is still very popular here where I live. It’s always a fun little lesson.

Jun 20 2017

During the school year, I left for lunch daily to smoke two cigarettes and get a Route 44 tea from Sonic. The best break when dealing with middle school kids. Now that I’m off for summer, it’s a pitcher of tea every damn day. I like to drink it out of my purple mason jars. Read more

Mar 23 2017

Ashley Graham’s sunglasses are exactly what I want that I never knew existed.

Mar 18 2017

I teach Mid-school, and today was the last day before spring break. Your assessment is accurate.

Dec 9 2016

Sobs uncontrollably in the corner, starts stringing Christmas lights around the house to spell out how to deal with this. (Spoiler: lights tell me to run!)