Jan 11 2015

I curled my hair with my flat iron tonight. It was terrible on the left side and pretty good on the right side. Read more

Dec 6 2014

...sort of. I got a jobby job in August and have been reading GoT, so I haven't been on GT in forever in any real

Aug 16 2014

I went back to work full time this week. I've been absent from twitter and Gawker Media for this time.

Jul 29 2014
I've been away.

Not really "away," but not writing much on here. I'm on twitter quite a bit, and I definitely got to witness the

Jun 4 2014

Yesterday I posted about not getting called for an interview for a job I applied for. I was a little bummed, but I

Jun 3 2014

As some of you know, I'm a substitute teacher. I had taught full-time for five years and then I didn't pass on

May 30 2014
Taco sauce harassment.

I like Taco Bell. Ok. I said it. I like to eat crappy beans and questionable meat wrapped in a "tortilla." I

May 20 2014
I like tea.

Every morning I have at least three cups of Earl Grey tea. Then by afternoon it's on to iced tea. Glass upon glass