Oct 5 2018

I went out with a guy once for coffee, and then once more on a “real” date. It was half way through this one that, thanks to chit chat, a family photo, and his distinctive first name, I realized his dad was one of my regular clients. Read more

Jul 19 2018

I love Gaga, but I’m excited to see how baaaad that combo will be.

May 21 2018

is there a ceremonial coin flip at the beginning of summit meetings to decide who speaks first because otherwise this seems like kind of a waste tbh

May 21 2018

Sooo... when did we start calling the other side anti-abortion and not anti-choice? Because anti-choice seems to make wayyy more sense.

May 21 2018

Let this mark the day I first gave a shit about anything concerning Ed Sheeran.

May 18 2018

As it happens, this week I got my American citizenship. I’ve been a permanent resident since 2003. The only thing that made me change my mind about actually getting citizenship was Trump’s fuckery. It became evident that it doesn’t matter how ‘close’ to citizenship you are - it’s a binary field. Citizen or not. 1 or Read more

May 18 2018

You don’t get to call it “the greatest Witch Hunt in American history” when there has been an actual witch hunt in American history.

Oct 27 2017

Bureau of Land Management. It’s public land that’s not a state or national park, etc but still owned/managed by the government. It’s usually open for free range camping, etc.

Oct 26 2017

Pro tip: If you don’t already watch her YouTube channel you need to start. She’s hilarious. And profound and awesome and cool. But mainly hilarious.

Oct 21 2017

Yep, this is bottom of the barrel, desperation stuff. I think he’s going to start talking about UFO’s and Roswell soon.