Little Black Coupe Turned Silver
1:50 PM

So from Oppo, there’s a group of us who all do races in Forza. Some of us have been racing together since 2014. Some of us have met here and there, but in just under a month, 15 of us will be meeting in Daytona for the 24 Hour. 8 states and 3 foreign countries; England, Brazil and Australia.

12:12 AM

There’s not a lot of options, so it comes down to color.  I know one of the 5 is my last choice color, so hopefully the other 4 are better...

1:06 PM

Meh.  I know a handful of BMWs that haul their slicks to the track for tracks days.  I added a hitch to my Cobalt for the same reason and it was rated for 0.  If you aren’t silly with it, it’s fine.

2:16 PM

Nah. If the company has both designated smoke breaks and smoking areas and he ignored both of those, on top of smoking while cooking other people’s food, that’s three strikes right there. 

1:18 PM

Hello Ladiez! My name is Leonard, but you can call me Lenny. I enjoy walks to my food dish, head skritches (but not too many!) and sitting near, but not touching, on the couch. I only cuddle when there’s thunder.

6:25 PM

I’ve driven by about 4:30 so just before dinner rush and they had 4 delivery cars ready to go.  Usually the tracker stays on “getting ready” for a solid 30 minutes once you order and then it goes pretty quick once they start. They just get overwhelmed with orders. When they first opened they turned off online ordering

3:52 PM

So my rural town got a Domnos about a month ago now. It’s still so popular it takes over an hour to get delivery in a town of 20,000 people.