Little Black Coupe Turned Silver
1:31 PM

I know how cheesy it sounds to say racing gave my life purpose and direction, but honestly it’s pretty accurate. For a long while I was feeling pretty adrift and unmotivated and my head wasn’t in the best place. I’ve loved cars and racing at least since I could formulate words. One day I got it in my head that I could

11:27 AM

Love seeing hitches on sports cars.  Dude is even carrying spares for the trailer!

8:56 AM

Imma be that guy that suggest that the stop box is for actually stopping and that this is the result of someone over driving the hell out of a car to the point of forgetting the basics of car control. If I was running the region I’d ask the driver to spend the next event as a passenger to get some pointers on safe Read more

8:44 AM

Imma be that guy that suggests that if you almost hit the timing trailer, it was a poorly-designed course... especially with gravel right next to the finish...

8:22 PM

Having them replace it seems a bit excessive. As long as their paint matching is good enough, I imagine I’d be happy with that. 

5:26 PM

I don’t think there’s much harm in it. Everything in a burger is safe for dog consumption, and likely to be better quality than what is in dog food. It’s not a super balanced meal, but it’s not any worse for the dog than it would be for a human, and there are plenty of us who eat burgers. Read more

7:45 PM

It’s... not hard... but awkward, to be a bi amateur racer as well. It’s easy enough to pass as straight, but once those gay slurs come out(and they often do).... ack. Do I say something to stand up or say something and possibly fuck up access to a tool or pair of tires that lets you have another run?  

8:04 PM

He always does, it makes his shitposts look legit.

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