k2b: da man trynta steal mah bloggy!!!!!!!
Nov 18

A bit of random: I once tried to call a Boeing section from my place of business to get some documentation from them for our records. All of the contacts I had had crapped out, no officials were listed on their website and their online form resulted in a whole lot of nothing happening. So I called them directly and Read more

Nov 16

Oh, they totally thought HRC getting her period was in play in 2016. How do I know this? Because a coworker touted it as the reason he would rather have Trump with his finger on the nuke button. They literally think PMS can make you blow up the world out of man-hating spite.

Nov 9

Hey, man, we’ve all been chug-a-lugging all the comfort food we can handle (and some we can’t) for the past four years of his bullshit. Let him eat his feelings until it fucking kills him.

Nov 2

This is the first job I’ve had where I’ve been able to save any money. Chaps my ass I might deplete the whole wad paying rent after I have a nervous breakdown and quit for my own wellbeing.

Oct 23

Also horrible: when he was asked about people worrying their health was at risk living in oil industry hazardous zones and his response was about how well they were paid. Joe’s answer that the money didn’t matter and you had to take care of your people was perfect.