Clown Shoe Pilot
Dec 18

Uniform vendor Endgame, LLC, based in the Algonquin Indian territory of Upstate New York, says it is unaware of the presence of smallpox in the uniforms and wishes you would stop asking about smallpox because this is clearly just a topical allergic reaction and nothing more. Delta is welcome for these extremely Read more

Dec 16

I hate to say it, but Covington is completely correct; Usman should have been permitted to keep pounding him into stew for another fifty seconds. Read more

Nov 15

Not gonna lie, I let out an audible laugh when the news alert popped up on my phone about Roger Stone being found guilty.

Nov 10

I don’t see anything remotely wrong with E.

Nov 10

Does E qualify as an asshole or is he just a good neighbor?

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Nov 7

I used to like Mitch. I still do, but I used to too.

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Oct 16

1970's Tangerine Dream were, to me, the pioneers of synth music for that era.

Oct 9

The Otis Elevator Company even says that walking on the escalator is a safety hazard.

Oct 6

I’ve taken this tour and it was just ok. I’d give it a 3.6; not great, not terrible.

Oct 6

A while ago, I watched the movie Geostorm and was very disappointed to find that the main character did not drive a Geo Storm. In fact, not a single character in the movie drove a Geo of any sort. I didn’t even see any in the background. This makes me sad.