Bumblecat: Cat Burglar
12:50 AM

Cheap throwaway soup of a can of chickpeas, liquid included, shell pasta, charred onion, garlic, and mushroom. Charred in Ghee, seasoned with Golden mountain sauce, Better than boullion veggie stock, a healthy glop of tahini. If the portion of the tahini is healthy, then the amount of cottage cheese added is husky.

11:14 AM

1. Chickpea soup: canned chicpeas (can of beans, plus liquid of beans, plus canful of water, as needed), salt (to taste) sesame oil (preferably chili, if no sesame oil, tahini, really, we’re going for drinkable hummus), garlic (fresh or powdered), smoked paprika (we want smoke + heat so go with any combination of

8:21 PM

I had korean pork belly, bibimbap, and then a bone marrow taco (bone marrow and fresh salsa in a tortilla). Am full. Can confirm.

4:22 PM

Asbestos is only bad if you want to punch holes in it. Also, there is no such thing as “There is asbestos in the drywall.”

11:42 PM

I just pulled a Fancy Bread out of the oven. Duck fat, duck cracklings, and finely chopped fruitcake fruit (mostly oranges, I think, and some pineapple bits). I’m bringing it in to work bc I can’t eat it all by myself.

11:59 PM

There was a reddit thread about a cupcake and there were comments recommending the color matching various lipsticks and I made the mistake of buying Limecrime lipsticks and I’ve by now sunk at least $100 in this company. they display swatches on fair, medium and dark skin, their formula lasts nigh 8 hours unless you

1:03 AM

My human made me drive home in the sleet and while it was a valuable experience, it was also scary AF since I couldn’t drive over 35mph. The car didn’t have traction control so I had to be extra careful. Then we got Indian food. I’d like to say that Kashmiri naan is delicious. It seemed to be naan stuffed with crisp

10:23 AM

Me and my bf bought a car yesterday. It’s...quirky, as cars of it’s genus are (Chevy). We bought it off Craigslist and it’s old, has lots of miles on it, but it was state inspected prior to sale. Also the side mirror won’t move, the radio cuts out when I turn too fast, and I almost died 3 times on my supervised dry

2:17 AM

I share!!! Not on le mobile. Basically the chiz melted out around the buns and was left with tender cheese flavored bread surrounded by a lacy skirt of chiz.

11:50 AM

Am bereft of schnerrr D: Today I pester the bf and possibly bake a single serve bread loaf filled with cheese so I don’t have to share.