Bumblecat: Cat Burglar
1:20 PM

I had a deposition scheduled in Baton Rouge for today. I flew into NOLA yesterday afternoon, ran an errand before hitting the road, and got an email that the deposition was cancelled. Again (this is 4th time). It was too late to get anything but an indirect, overnight flight back so I stayed at the Pontchartrain and Read more

12:08 PM

Do you ever have it where you know you should push yourself to go out and be social and you love your friends but also, you just want to stay home and not spend money and everyone is going to a restaurant that a) is very expensive and b) has nothing you can eat at (best case scenario I’d pay like 30 dollars to throw Read more

9:02 PM

can we STILL point out that we don’t and never will know how much Russia (or China, or North Korea, or Saudi Arabia, or all of the above) interfered with the election and the real, distinct possibility that even the popular vote was tampered with - especially Wisconsin and Pennsylvania - to throw the electoral college Read more

6:42 PM

Imagine being this ignorant. Imagine fancying oneself a progressive and not knowing about or at least acknowledging Russian interference, sexism, homegrown voter suppression. Ever hear of Kris Kobach? Imagine calling the first woman candidate of a major ticket, someone who was a Senator and Secretary of State who Read more

2:35 PM

It... kind of sounds like she doesn’t actually want to wear makeup? But all of her friends are doing it and pressuring her? Slap is not meant for teenage skin. That’s for the olds with pigmentation/acne scarring/dark circles, etc. And by ‘olds’ I mean, of drinking age and above. Have her start like we all did with Read more

3:18 PM

I think you should call and talk to one of the parents one on one, and ask all your questions without the daughter present. And if it isn’t too disruptive to your day, I think you should hang out with her at her house instead of yours; they have presumably made their home safe for her, and you can’t be expected to Read more

11:23 AM

Oooh, your chickpea soup sounds like a lil bit of heaven, Bumble!

11:22 AM

Summer means tomatoes to me! (And heartburn, but there are meds for that.) I love caprese, or sliced tomatoes and sweet banana peppers with a little Parmesan and whatever salad dressing I have on hand. Read more

10:43 AM

I HATE the phrase “catch-and-release.” It’s dehumanizing, you catch and release a trout.