Bumblecat: Cat Burglar

En tant que francophone, c’est bourgie. Read more

I HATE the phrase “catch-and-release.” It’s dehumanizing, you catch and release a trout.  Read more

If your goddaughter is interested in pursuing a career in STEM, have her consider the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). When our students aren’t ruining March Madness brackets, they’re going on to become some of the most promising rising stars in their respective fields. In fact, through our highly Read more

Yes, well, then, please get to it. I can’t tell you how tired I am of seeing & hearing men nod along in agreement as yet another woman provides you with yet another catalogue of everything we suffer at your expense that you inflict on us and then you echo her and then ... nothing. Read more

No slight to Rothfuss, since I loved his books, but if you want an adapted fantasy series with instant media possibilities and a 100% guarantee that it is already finished or soon will be, look no further than Brandon Sanderson. His ratio of prolificity/quality is pretty unreal. The only real roadblock is the insane Read more

Ugh. Patrick rothfuss is dead to me. Read more

NONE. Get a membership to BJs Wholesale Club (there are some near Pittsburgh, I just checked) and buy ground pork for $2/lb. Fry the shit out of it and make your house smell wonderful. Make sandwiches with massive piles of pork and barbecue sauce. Mix in spices to make sausage. Serve pork with lots of cheese to make Read more

I’m not sure “non-troll white person that reads The Root” is representative of the average white person.
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I almost think it should stay up. Why? Because, as a white person, I can tell you that this induces skin-crawling embarrassment for ye average white person. Nobody can try to drape it in lost-cause romanticism or give it any historic value beyond showing racism. The false benevolence, the hideous condescension, the Read more

All of this. If Melania Trump comes out and says Donald is abusive to her - be it tomorrow, or in 10 years time when he’s finally dead and whatever NDA she presumably signed when she married him has lapsed, then I will believe her in a heartbeat. But I find it disturbing - but dully unsurprising - that so many people Read more

Is there abuse? I think more of a emotional coldness/neglect. He’s using her as a trophy to show off and doesn’t think of her as otherwise. Is he violent in front of her? Maybe. His history with Ivana probably says so but I don’t think he’ll yank her hair since he also needs her too.
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The chances that he is also being abused is not necessarily a stretch...

My grandpa used to make homemade souse out of boiled pigs’ feet and ate it with Limburger cheese on club crackers.

I mean, it isn’t that unlikely. If you grew up in a religious, conservative home, or just prioritized your own career goals over dating, it’s completely reasonable. Personally, I left my own upbringing behind several years ago, but I haven’t had sex yet because dating feels like a waste of time when there’s Netflix Read more

I abhor murder. But if another animal is annoying the living crap out of you and your country doesn’t let you, a shark, have a gun - by all means, eat that animal. Read more

Thank you. I needed news like this tonight. Best wishes to all those kitties who have found their forever homes, and of course to their new “owners” (staff) as well. <3 Read more

I just turned 30. And it makes me very sad that I’m considered an old now. Very very very sad. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to throw on the first Now that’s what I call music while I flip through a coffin catalogue. Do we think a white coffin is tacky? I’ve got a lot of decisions to make. Read more

Just another person chiming in to say that looks amazing! More up my alley than straight cooking, too... I like to bake, I hate to cook, and I think this looks like a good mix of the two.
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