Feb 24

It’s not fucking because of Generation X’s failures. It’s because their successes!
Their success led to more progress. They moved the line and now the Millennials and Zoomers have moved it farther resulting in an identical backlash. Read more

Feb 23

Oh fuck off.
The failure of Gen-X in the 90's. GTFOH.
Who has been in power for the entirety of that time and is just now started to every so slightly lose some of that power? Fucking Boomers.
True Gen-Xers have always been about inclusion and societal fairness. The “whatever” generational label had nothing to do with Read more

Jul 2 2017

The uber rich, police commissioners, journalists...this shit sounds like a party at Wayne Manor. How come the Joker never crashes these types of events IRL?

Jun 30 2017

I always think he speaks the way my son used to write in 2nd or 3rd grade. “What I did on my summer vacation. On my summer vacation I went to the beach. My dad splashed my mom and she got mad. It was so funny! Then we had ice cream. It was the best day ever. That was what I did on my summer vacation.”

Jun 30 2017

I don’t think he has any idea what he’s trying to express. He just kind of farts words from his face anus.

Jun 30 2017

Plus I think he’s attracted to Mika and because she’s marrying Joe, he feels the need to attack her like the petty little tyrant that he is. I bet you he tried to hit on her once and she shot him down, and his fragile little ego couldn’t handle it.

Jun 20 2017

There are Christians out there (even whole congregations of them!) who support government social programs, fight the death penalty, argue for higher minimum wage and free college and escort women at abortion clinics. Read more

Apr 13 2017

54% of people DID NOT vote for that. And 48% of those who voted voted for the progressive woman’s vision of the presidency. This dude got 46.1% of the vote.
Read more

Apr 7 2017

I really should be offended by Ye’s crassness here, but I really can’t muster the effort anymore. Considering his messiah-complex, I’m only wondering why he didn’t put his own face on the medallion.

Apr 6 2017

I have a Stats final coming up. I think that’s my new motivational poster, thanks.

Apr 5 2017

Honestly, I think that Nick and Jess function way better as friends than they do as lovers (hate that word, couldn’t come up with a better option).