Nov 4 2014

ARGH. I'm currently flying for a business trip to a conference. When I fly, my work will only cover costs for economy (natch), so I pay out of my pocket to upgrade to Economy Plus because I like the extra space so I can spread out a little more, especially if I'm going to have to work on the flight. This time, I Read more

Aug 25 2014

I haven't really seen any posts about this, so maybe we don't have any Burners (as in attendees of Burning Man, not

Aug 17 2014
How stupid are people?

I'm sitting here, enjoying my Buffy/Angel bingefest (by the way, if you should ever choose to delve into the

Aug 5 2014

Insomnia got me tonight. Got me hard - if I were to list everything I took trying to go to sleep, you'd be amazed I

Jul 26 2014

I have migraines myself and I know there are several of us here that have discussed the treatments we use. I am