1/10/14 2:40PM

These faces look a lot like celebrity faces in magazines after they've been through the photoshop ringer; thinner, longer, whiter. Do you think the recent trend in over-manipulating faces we see every day has changed the way our brains take in and remember faces?

1/07/14 4:36PM

Yeah, my fiancé got stranded in this whole mess. I feel like I need to adopt your policy for when either I fly or he does, because I was stressed out beyond belief trying to help him get home.

12/17/13 9:12PM

Some of this, if phrased differently, would absolutely be within an assistant's job description. I've been a secretary for 30+ years and, in order to do your job, you must be very good at organizing not only yourself but the people you're working for. Which means that you must organize them in a way that works for Read more

11/14/13 4:42PM

Halloween was last month. Put your "Sexy Punky Brewster" costume away.

10/31/13 2:42PM

It's whatever makes you feel bad about your own body.

10/30/13 5:05PM

My wife had a miscarriage, and it was a horrible, horrible experience for us to endure. The baby was hardly full term, and she didn't deliver it, but still...that whole experience has taught me a life lesson, which is this: it is traumatic and painful as fuck to lose a child, and basically you should NEVER EVER judge Read more

10/30/13 5:00PM

I had a stillborn baby and my photos are all I have left of her. People grieve in different ways. I have nothing left except her ashes and photos, so I cling to them. I do not, however, post them on the internet.

10/30/13 4:56PM

I think her situation is quite different than these selfie situations. Mainly, she never had the opportunity to take pictures of her baby while it was alive.

10/30/13 2:31PM

Right? It's like an alternative world version of the Unification Church blessing ceremony.

10/30/13 2:13PM

Every single one of those ladies is doin' it wrong. I divert your attention to the only debutante the 'verse needs:

10/29/13 5:49PM

Of course 76% of GOP women don't think it would be a good idea to have more women in elected office (or, optimistically, are "neutral" about it). That would entail bringing our representative Congress somewhat closer to actually BEING representative of the nation, and the GOP has come to great lengths to Read more

10/29/13 5:45PM

The vast numbers of Conservative women who really buy into the whole notion that their gender is incapable of actually leading makes me sad. Siding with the patriarchy to hold on tight to your little corner of power rather than actually acknowledging your own self worth and abilities and the RIGHT to have those Read more

10/29/13 5:31PM

Luckily they will all soon be dead from bitterness and accidental gunshot wounds.

10/24/13 5:29PM

Hey Dodai, this is my story! Now that I've had a story featured in a Jezebel feature, can I please get promoted out of the gray?? Please??