1/10/14 3:36PM

Ding ding ding! Which came first, the chicken or the sexy Photoshopped egg?

1/08/14 5:13PM

Oh, I get it — she's DEAD, therefore she's SEXY! Oh, wow much original very misogyny

1/08/14 12:24PM

You had me at "solve werewolf problems." Can't wait to see their solution to hairballs.

1/07/14 3:47PM

This is why I don't travel anywhere without Xanax. Good for both scary takeoffs and for not assaulting the poor fuck behind the airline counter. So sorry for your shitty, shitty time!

10/30/13 4:57PM

Having watched a friend go through the same thing (except the funeral was not open casket), the few pictures she has with her dead son are exceptionally important for her. She only got to be with him a tragically short time — not years and years to document. Just part of one day, arguably the worst day of her life. Read more

10/30/13 2:18PM

I'm going to pretend this is the world's largest en masse lesbian wedding, and you can't stop me.

10/29/13 12:59PM

The ultimate in white privilege — because he knows, and the people listening to him know, that when they say "slavery," they'd never vote their own asses to be slaves. Wonder what the criteria would be? It's a funny hypothetical to them! So funny! Many laugh.

10/25/13 5:30PM

For real — I learned how to sew just to fit things to my shortness.

10/25/13 5:08PM

Ha! My short stature finally pays off! I could take ANY jeans off the rack and, with only a pair of scissors and poor judgement, create these babies.

10/25/13 3:59PM

Maybe I'm just too much of a bleeding heart, but it makes me sick that any woman would suffer for this, even the ones who voted in the assholes who made the law. I pray that these conservative ladies wake the fuck up and start protesting from the inside out. And then just become Dems! Read more

10/09/13 6:37PM

If you read the full article, it sounds as if there's plenty of misogyny.

10/08/13 2:19PM

Incapable of humor? In my mind, this puts her in the "evil" camp. Plus, all the other evil shit she does.

10/07/13 4:54PM

I know I have seen recent douchebag pics with popped collars. And with that, I bid you get off my retirement home lawn!