Lachlan - #ForzaJules
Jan 15 2015

I was in Whittier in the summer of 2013 to leave on a cruise. I had thought that building was a hotel- no idea it was basically the whole town. Here are a few pictures I took entering and exiting the tunnel.

Nov 6 2014

Maybe Ross Brawn will buy Marussia for a dollar and kick everyone's ass with Rubens and Jenson driving again.

Oct 30 2014

"Dad, can we finish with the photos in front of your dumb car already? I have to get back to my shift at Hooters.."

Oct 13 2014

Not very stable that way though. Perhaps some sort of platform could be used that can easily move through the terrain. Perhaps something native to that region, that has been honed by thousands of years of evolution to trek through this environment efficiently. Read more

Oct 1 2014

I like the people going for the opposite side of things. If I did my math correctly, the Maersk Triple E has 4229.79 pounds per hp

Sep 29 2014

Reminds me of Harvey Dent post-fire from the Dark Knight

Sep 11 2014

I'm sorry Travis, I'm gonna let you finish, but these are the top five Montezemolo Ferraris OF ALL TIME.

Aug 5 2014

Well, I shouldn't have been speeding. And I should have been Bernie Ecclestone.