Lachlan - #ForzaJules
Sep 5 2014

That's a great idea! I think it should be open to all media so everyone can work however they're most comfortable. That should create an interesting variety of submissions as well.

Aug 12 2014

This spoiler/wing/wiper cover/(?)-thingy makes me angry. Destroys what little dignity the front end had left.

Apr 16 2014

A new 8-speed automatic is now available, which sounds nice and modern even if it's name, TorqueFlite, still sounds like it came right out of 1966, and speaking of 6s, happily the 6-speed manual is still standard. Read more

Apr 8 2014

Isn't it this year's car though? You can see the black paint on the airbox and the #keepfightingmichael next to Nico's head. Oh and Nico's helmet was yellow last year. Maybe they used one of their "filming days" earlier this year.

Nov 19 2013

Actually Subaru does not use a CVT in the sense that we usually think of it. Instead, they have pioneered the Continuously Variable Turboencabulator, allowing them to simultaneously supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors and automatically synchronize cardinal grammeters. Welcome to the Read more