Lachlan - #ForzaJules
May 1 2014
Artlopnik Time!

I made this last year when it was first unveiled. I just found this picture of it and thought it was cool.

Apr 25 2014
Yo Dawg...

We heard you like C-5s so we put a C-5 in your C-5 so you can fly your C-5 while you fly your C-5

Apr 18 2014
Great News!

I just paid my deposit to attend the University of Alabama in the fall! I'm planning to study mechanical engineering

Jan 16 2014
I made an art once

I don't know if this is even art, but I do know this is car. I also do not grammar today.

Nov 30 2013
Ross Prawn Sacked!

Hopefully we'll see him fit in better at a different team next year. I got the feeling that he was having issues