Jun 14 2015

What the hell do you people want from Doom? People moaned when it was said it was too much like Call of Duty and less Doom. now it’s more Doom and people are moaning it looks too “brown” or “generic” Read more

Jun 14 2015

There doesn’t appear to be a single empty seat in view at a Pistons home game.

May 14 2015

“One dude should change his name to “Weber” since I just grilled him so hard.”

Apr 21 2015

Dude’s got a Dart parked in a vacant lot with plates that expired during the Clinton administration and I’m the eyesore.

Apr 15 2015

But one when team gets 80+ games a year to practice on this field that plays differently compared to every other field in the league, they still end up with an advantage.