Jun 14 2015

What the hell do you people want from Doom? People moaned when it was said it was too much like Call of Duty and less Doom. now it’s more Doom and people are moaning it looks too “brown” or “generic” Read more

Jun 14 2015

There doesn’t appear to be a single empty seat in view at a Pistons home game.

May 14 2015

“One dude should change his name to “Weber” since I just grilled him so hard.”

Apr 21 2015

Dude’s got a Dart parked in a vacant lot with plates that expired during the Clinton administration and I’m the eyesore.

Apr 15 2015

But one when team gets 80+ games a year to practice on this field that plays differently compared to every other field in the league, they still end up with an advantage.

Apr 11 2015

You can’t hold somebody accountable for what they said in mid December 2012. We all thought the world was gonna end in a week.

Apr 6 2015

This would be a good subject for BCO. Crazy shit people have done for free food and it’s sister - crazier shit people have done for free booze. Sometimes at the CostCo I see them lined up for free samples like they are lining up behind the velvet rope for the VIP section at a night club. Dude, it is 0.5 ounces of cold Read more

Apr 4 2015

What ever happened to “if the pedestrian is not crossing in the crosswalk they are jaywalking and therefore it’s not the motorist’s fault?” That’s why I go out of my way to remain in the crosswalk the entire time I cross a busy street. I personally know someone who accidentally killed a pedestrian who stepped in front Read more

Apr 3 2015

I think you mean, "chokes on a lightly broiled, ponderous porkchop, seasoned with chives and cloves, and swimming in a rich, creamy lake of cheese sauce, accompanied by a host of crisp, lightly buttered new potatoes, and washed down with a flagon of a deliciously stout ale". Read more

Apr 3 2015

The How Did This Get Made? podcast had a great episode devoted to the batshit insanity that is this movie. Lots of great tidbits about how Pacino got involved. Read more

Apr 2 2015

I actually defended this movie about 6 years ago as a long time (and 'starred') Gizmodo/Gawker user dropping off a comment here at io9 for the first time. I got banned - across all of Gawker as it turns out.