But the facts of the matter make that about the only explanations. The pilot either fell out or jumped out of the aircraft at some point after take off, leaving the aircraft to crash when it ran out of fuel. That really isn’t all that mysterious. Read more

Well once you rule out the impossible...

Am I missing something here? The guy set the autopilot and bailed / jumped / fell out. Plane ran out of gas. Everything seems explained on how the plane ended up in the snow.

One huge bag of mixed messages, none of which are likely to sell a Mercedes. Read more

Nope. There are still some gems out there.

Use a street sweeper for the sweeping

Also, people aren’t smart; snow is really heavy.

Whose stomach is so weak that they can’t look at a couple of tiny blisters? Read more

I’m sorry, but in what world are these photos graphic? Also, the blistered finger? This is why people say we’ve gone too far in nannying everyone.

So, “gearbox” for transmission and “rev counter” for tachometer are Britishisms but “car hole” for garage somehow isn’t?

Everyone is like “I wish this 18 year old kid would have died” Read more

More details about the incident, the driver was an 18 year old rich kid who was given the car as a birthday present the day before. He was with his girlfriend, fortunately both are alive.

Why would I want actual information about an upcoming vehicle I might be interested in when I can have all of this snark!

Who does these drawings? They never cease to impress me.

I think CNN must be hiring Amish kids on Rumspringa for its motorsports writers. That's really the only way you could explain the rich, lavish ignorance... Read more