Nov 27

Chadwick, the 25 year old trust fund kid with a Corvette.

Poor kids whole life is a meme 

May 29 2019

Frankly, as a fan of “Chris Harris on Cars” throughout the /DRIVE years and beyond, I’m 100% OK with “Top Gear” turning into “CHoC” with a BBC-sized budget. And Chris really enjoys cars. And when he enjoys things, Chris tends to get loud. That’s fine. If we get the same top content in between, it’ll be good.

May 28 2019

Am I the only one who genuinely enjoyed LeBlanc, Harris, and Reid as hosts? At least they’re keeping Sabine and Eddie.

Mar 7 2019

ive stared at that gif for too long and now it doesn’t make sense anymore

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Mar 4 2019

I’ve never had the desire to lay next to a race track like that but by the looks of it those guys are using cell phones as their cameras... why not buy a gopro and a cheap tripod and use a remote? Or do the same thing with your phone? Even a $10 selfie stick would put you a few more feet away from a brutal death... It Read more

Jan 8 2019

For years now, CarMax has been treating both buyers and sellers like children. Sale prices too high, but non-negotiable. Buying prices too low, and also never budge on those. Read more

Dec 8 2018

It's worth what, $875 with a working transmission?