Scott Ingram
11:43 PM

Good point, it's not a move to prevent fires  but to prevent liability.

4:06 PM

For long trips, you’ll have to purchase the option of a trailer full of electric eels. 

4:31 PM

For what it’s worth, the global horse population is more than double what it was 100 years ago. And by and large, they live in more luxury and do much less manual labor than they did back then.

1:41 PM

So, when is the first camera with Google’s Camera APK coming out? My Google Pixel 3a is so good at taking pictures I rarely bring my mirrorless along unless I specifically want to go out and take pictures. Read more

12:07 PM

My first two tablets were iPads (1st and 3rd gen.). I do not like Apple’s ecosystem and never have. The hardware was nice, but iOS has too many restrictions for me. No widgets among other things. Plus, Apple’s insistence on Safari, and on and on.
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9:52 AM

Using any means to open a door, be it a back door to the electronic system, a fake finger print, figuring out a numeric code, picking the lock or good old brute force door ram, it’s all the same - aka they can’t do it without a warrant. If they want in, they’ll use the most convenient means to them at the time. Going Read more

3:44 PM

I kick myself everyday. 2003 I bought what I could afford, a $110k 1000 sqft 2bed/2bath condo in the Denver Tech center, sold in 2008 for $114k. That place just sold for $230k. The house we bought during ‘the recession’ which apparently didn’t hit CO was $287k, then we rented it when we moved to OH for a year and the Read more

5:42 PM

We over at Star Trek have laid claim to him forever now. Sorry. 

3:39 PM

Well if I had to guess based on my experience with people and call centers/IVRs (including calling them myself, sitting near a few over the last few years at my job, and currently supporting one), because the types of people frustrated or confused by IVR systems are oftentimes not smart enough to find the decision Read more

11:33 AM

So Apple is promising that everything they produce is going to be Stranger Things levels of acclaim? Doubtful.
Also, about this:“Their motto is to create a lot of content so there’s always something for you to watch, and it’s working really well. There’s nothing wrong with that model, but it’s not our model.” Read more

5:57 PM

People who enjoy Mech animes might also enjoy Code Geass, which has an overall dark storyline with a small mix of high school shenanigans. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a good bet for those that just want many waves of sadness and dysfunctional father figures. Read more

6:07 PM

it is more likely that you see people that are in way more debt that you are.

12:23 PM

For me, the biggest advancement in the technology of the current generation of consoles is the ability to suspend the system and the game you’re currently playing. Not having to wait for a game to load when you sit down to play makes short play sessions much more enjoyable.