5/20/21 11:13AM

Shohreh Aghdashloo could have been a good choice, too. There were basically some options out there if they wanted to avoid the “wizened Asian master” stereotype. 

5/15/21 12:52PM

Supposedly not. Everyone in the know who’s talked about it has said the sequel’s concept is a crazy twist. Read more

4/12/21 6:11PM

The issue I see with this, is they don’t make a desktop app. They can and will likely get pretty shoddy data if they go based on just wireless devices. I pull 500/500 on Frontier desktop wired to my router, but due to losses and everything else in my house also pulling, I’m lucky to get 200 on a mobile device. Seems Read more

2/11/21 1:15PM

What exactly do you think is the capacity of your “Internet Infrastructure”? Heck, what do you think makes up you “Internet Infrastructure”.
Read more

2/06/21 9:23PM

Switch to a full nose and mouth mask, it solves the exact problem you are talking about and makes things so much easier.

1/30/21 10:21PM

Wonder Woman 1984 - 2h31m (151m) running time
Soul - 1h40m (100m) running time

total viewed minutes / running time =

WW84 ~14.9m
Soul ~ 16.7m

Also: WW84 sucked the soul out of the franchise. And everyone watching.

1/21/21 2:50PM

I loved Avenue5, I thought it was a delight!

12/08/20 7:36PM

This should be the first line of the article honestly. This is ALL about Nolan getting paid.

12/07/20 11:40AM

IDK if you’ve seen The Clone Wars or Rebels cartoons, where the Darksaber first appeared, but this is just how it’s designed. It’s ancient and unique, created by the first Mandalorian Jedi.

11/28/20 8:59AM

LOL. You’re one of those elitist Chromebook users. I stream Geforce on a 486 at 640x480 and don’t complain about it. You Chromebook users are always rubbing it the faces of us lesser streaming gamers.

11/28/20 5:22AM

Stadia works great for me, so does Geforce Now. I prefer Geforce Now personally because I still have a decent PC at home, but I’m on-the-go alot so GFN is a nice supplement; However if I didn’t have my setup I would be perfectly happy with Stadia. I think Stadia will do just fine with Cyberpunk and will help it draw Read more

11/28/20 4:13AM

While you are clearly exaggerating (no one needs $5k Hardware every year) which doesn’t help in an argument, I’m with you on this one. Read more

11/27/20 10:27PM

As someone in their late 30s who hasn't owned a gaming PC or console in about a decade, I am stoked for this. I've got my Stadia version of Cyberpunk 2077 pre-ordered and can't wait to sink my teeth into it. Don't need to spend hundreds of extra dollars for a console to play a damn good looking game. And I've got Read more