Aug 10

A lot of things feel like that lately. I’m afraid now that if I actually HAVE a stroke, it will likely be fatal because I’ll just think it was a Monday.

Jul 24

An “off airport landing”?  That’s as good as a rapid unscheduled disassembly.

Jul 23

I’ve literally been asking “why the hell would I ever buy an Xbox” for like seven years and they continually fail to provide any sort of compelling answer.

Jul 8

I am so incredibly ambivalent about WoW right now. Like, all the new character and class options for Shadowlands look amazing, but a big part of an MMO like this is immersing yourself in the world, and after the massive dumpster-fire that was BfA’s plot, I have been burned so hard by the developers that I really don’t Read more

Jun 6

My industry has been shut down for 3 months... I finished Netflix a month ago. I’ve posted every. single. meme. on FB. I’ve made bread. I’ve done projects around the apartment. I’ve played Half Life: Alyx 4 times through and got 100% achievements, I just re watched the entire Harry Potter, Avatar/Korra, and Westworld. Read more

May 24

Oh no, someone leaked the hackneyed Clancy rubbish and the villains are just as uninteresting as ever. In coming updates players will have access to guns with higher numbers next to them as well. Please don’t tell anyone.

May 8

I take any broad-brush commentary as being lazy and uninformed. It is, for all intents and purposes, lumping all businesses and business owners in the same bucket. It it analogous to propagating stereotypes and can be misleading and factually incorrect. Read more

Apr 25

Good Lord, what a read. Young America is ready for the changes you deserve in your workplace and we will never stop pushing until we get them. Godspeed. #M4A

Apr 25

This is a stunning first-hand account of something most of us can barely conceive of, an insightful examination of the necessity and limitations of escapism, and on top of it expertly and poetically written. One of the best essays I’ve read in a long while. 

Apr 25

Bro, as a paramedic in an urban area of NY who loves the Division games; I found my self just saying, “yes” aloud after just about every other paragraph. Absolutely fantastic article from both a provider and gamer perspective. Be safe doc.

Apr 24

As an ER nurse there are parts of this piece that speak to a career of experiences I cannot put in to words nor hope for others to understand. There are whole sections of my life that lay dormant and forgotten, occasionally flickering alive in the calm of night or on a drive in to work. I can’t explain it, but all of Read more

Apr 24

Finished reading and sort of instinctively scrolled down to leave a comment, but I’m not sure why. I can’t think of much to say. Read more

Apr 13

Look at all the damage that wind is doing. And you want MORE wind turbines?

Apr 7

I don’t think you understand just how much money they each made.  This is a retired team’s hobby project.

Apr 3

It’s not a failed test. A failed test would be if the test didn’t happen. The test succeeded, the results were not as expected.

Mar 28

So, there’s an obvious answer here, which contains spoilers (for a 30 year old movie, admittedly) Read more