12:21 PM

The liking method of payment in this game is so fascinating to me because it’s not a form of currency in the sense that you can’t purchase useful items with like, yet I still somehow feel rewarded and happy every time I receive them from NPC’s and players alike. There is an explanation that’s given in one of the Read more

2:13 PM

It’s a chemical laser but in solid, not gaseous, form. Put simply, in deference to you, Kent, it’s like lasing a stick of dynamite. As soon as we apply a field, we couple to a state that is radiatively coupled to the ground state. I figure we can extract at least ten to the twenty-first photons per cubic Read more

10:48 AM

Do you think Jim Spanfeller uses these to drown out good ideas and advice on how to not ruin a family of blogs?  Perhaps if we all contact him at 917-881-5965 he’d tell us why he destroyed Deadspin and drove traffic away from all of the other sites.

4:50 PM

The irony is most of these companies became rich because this was the formula they followed. Then someone stepped in and said, “Why make a hundred million when you can make a hundred and one million?” and games went to shit.

4:32 PM

I’m not usually one to make off topic posts or to complain about the site (and I also realize this is piling on) but do y’all not realize that auto playing (which causes the entire video to load) on every page we go to is going to eat up some people who dont have that much data to use on their cell phone plan? Not to Read more

9:50 AM

As an addict, sometimes the best option is to not have the option. If someone buys this to force themselves away from being a phone addict, then giving them the option to at any time download apps is not going to help.

4:04 PM

They aren’t going to patch it are they? Isn’t the point to stick with launch WOW and leave it alone?

9:54 AM

I try not to think about that. Now you have made me. I guess we have an entire road map to look at. We can map when our classes will suck. 

11:05 PM

Missy Elliott consistently manages to be a full decade ahead of us no matter what. 

11:11 PM

Totally - if you consider the original release and this release, and skip the six others in between, they’ve screwed up every single release they ever made!

1:46 AM

Great description! Just wanted to pop in here and recommend “Hildebrand, Inspector Extrodinaire!”

3:15 PM

The first thing to do is complete The Twinning and Akadaemia Anyder, the two lv80 dungeons - this will unlock Expert Roulette, which is a key part of getting tomestones (the FFXIV endgame token). I would also recommend working through the 4 current Eden fights mentioned in this very article. Read more

2:41 PM

Well, there’s stuff like maps, the gold saucer, pvp, or you could bring your other classes up to 80, as well. Not to mention we should be getting another content patch fairly soonish.

12:30 PM

He was actually just trying to work out how to rape while dealing drugs most efficiently, but forgot to carry a 1.

9:47 AM

The average consumer doesn’t know or care what a U or Y Kabby or Ice or whatever Lake is or means. Stop with the f-ing code names and use product names and let people better comprehend the evolution and tech behind what’s inside the things they want to buy, intel.

5:07 PM

Not to shoot down a great product (I own these and the Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite) but I highly recommend the SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds and aside from an even more affordable price, they have a feature I’ve seeked all along : Each earbud can work independently and you can leave each earbud charging inside the Read more

Not to shoot down a great product (I own these and the Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite) but I highly recommend the