Aug 20

I admire your dedication. And if you do get a chance to see it with a live orchestra, you absolutely need to. The Minnesota Orchestra did it like 2 summers ago and it was amazing. 

Jun 2

I would say not adoption fatigue, but raising a seriously autistic child. Most people don’t want to face it, but raising a child with a serious developmental disorder is much harder than raising a ‘normal’ child. Read more

Feb 29 2020

To do something different with it. The commentariat just spent the last year complaining Aladdin and The Lion King were too similar to its source, asking why remake those (besides money)? Now it’s the other half of the Internet’s turn to complain about a remake being too different Read more

Feb 13 2020

“Demolition Man” was on paper a terrible slop filled with awful, worn-out action movie clichés, other clichés, bad puns, bad humor, bad acting, bad script, bad directing, bad everything. Read more

Jan 11 2020

I love Yoda and Luke’s talk. “We are what they grow beyond” is a devastatingly good line.

Jan 10 2020

Agree 100%. I enjoyed ROS, and thought Luke’s arc and what it meant for the story in TLJ made complete logical sense.

Dec 27 2019

That’s where my live and let live attitude falls, when something works for you, I’m all for it. My grandma had type II and was diet controlled. It’s usually not those folks who get preachy, it’s the ones who think keto (or any one diet) is a cure for everyone and everything. As a vegetarian, I have a few friends who Read more

Dec 25 2019

People will say nothing, for fear of saying something trite, or stupid, or whatever. They don't want to bother you...but really they just don't know what to say. I'm sorry your family didn't reach out.

Dec 9 2019

The remix job they did on Blue Monday has me completely sold. I don’t care about the movie, I just hope that song is in it. Read more

Dec 3 2019

I have the same complaint. Nowhere within a reasonable radius of my Midwestern city... I was so excited and then immediately disappointed. At least I can drown my angst in their collective catalogs.

Nov 15 2019

“Crisis of Infinite Janets” - that’s the kind of quality comment I’m here for