1/03/21 11:28AM

You can never go wrong with Shirley Manson.  :D

10/24/20 10:27AM

Oh, me and my bestie too. We’re already looking at some cozy Vermont real estate (that we can’t afford yet) for that eventuality. ;) My darling will be the mad scientist in the basement, and her darling will be the dapper ghost in the attic, because we were single when we first made the pact.

8/19/20 8:25PM

Look, I saw that movie 24 times in the theater because I knew I wasn’t ever going to bother seeing it on the small screen, and by gum, I’ve held to that. The only other time I have seen it since 1992 was when it briefly came back for it’s 20th anniversary. And if they ever do a live orchestra playalong, I’ll see it Read more

6/01/20 7:24PM

I always choke up at it.  I don’t even *have* kids and I will attack anyone who goes after mah kids like that.

5/29/20 10:44AM

My dad didn’t brag about it, but after my apparently RANCID poos made him projectile vomit, my mom was happy enough to just do it herself. I’m genuinely wondering if he was having PTSD from Vietnam - goodness knows after he saw me my first day home after a massive surgery (my chest looked like burger), I didn’t see Read more

5/28/20 1:11PM

The running joke in my family was that my dad married my mom just to get to hang out with my brother (her kid from first, really shitty marriage). The second they started walking back down the aisle, my brother said “DO I GET TO CHANGE MY NAME NOW?” and immediately ran to the wedding register, and there’s a pic of him Read more

3/06/20 1:21PM

I can only see the comments if I perform various magic rituals, so just putting out there that everyone always forgets In The Good Old Summertime, the musical version with Judy Garland, Van Johnson, and a rare speaking Buster Keaton - not to mention my favorite musical number ever, “I Don’t Care.” ;) It’s my favorite Read more

2/20/20 10:54AM

Oh, she’s awesome, I love her in literally everything she’s in!

2/18/20 11:33AM

I really am the absolute worst example for dating. “Don’t go into a relationship thinking you can fix him!” “He’s way too obsessed with you!” Welp...
Read more

2/12/20 2:04PM

oh my god, I have never wanted a Wes Anderson Star Wars before this moment, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Yes please. Read more

1/18/20 10:53AM

Now that you say it, he *is* kind of the platonic ideal of a drugstore Hallmark card, isn’t he... Nice if you’re in a hurry and don’t care all that much, but otherwise fairly forgettable.

1/10/20 11:58AM

Hot take: I had a blast watching ROS. I do think TLJ was the best of the sequels, and I really truly wish Rian Johnson had been handed the reins for all three - Disney is so obsessed with nostalgia, TFA was basically ANH: Redux - but I’m glad that Rian was there to shake it up so that JJ had to keep the pace snappier Read more

12/11/19 10:02AM

> The children, spared the indignity of having opera-loving snobs for parents, now became orphans Read more

12/02/19 3:28PM

AUGH why are they not coming to MN, or even WI, I want to go to this SO BAD.

11/22/19 1:30PM

Ok, those last 10 seconds killed me. Total cry-fest as my heart just burst. It was like the anti-breakup cry. It was a break-in cry. Read more

11/16/19 12:09PM

Or maybe she’s found a niche and is good at what she does? I always think it’s strange that people have such a skewed view of YA authors, that there has to be something wrong that they write in a consistent manner for many years. Isn’t that what being an author is? It’s like saying there’s something wrong’ with Read more

11/12/19 10:34AM

Seriously, she is comedy GOLD in the North Avenue Irregulars.