Grumpy's cat is a goddess
Sep 29

I can’t watch because even if Joe does phenomenally, I’m still stuck listening to Trump spewing hateful, senseless, dangerous and cruel bs into the void. Like you, my vote is already decided (was it even a decision???), I do not want to watch this debate knowing that even in the best case scenario it will be 50% wild Read more

Sep 24

This is why I like flavored seltzers that focus on fruits that either have a sour/bitterness to them, or which are complemented by it (so, basically, fruit that I’d have added lemon juice to when making a compote). Read more

Aug 17

Ouch. I get annoyed when someone won’t let it go, like I’m a fucking freak; “You’re SO tall!!!” “Like really tall!!!” “I just can’t get over how tall you are!!!” My response: “It’s kinda about perspective...I think I’m of average height and that you’re really short...super short. Like reeeeeally short. So.Short.”

Aug 3

Seasonal still exists. My first year we were out after 5 months. The next year we were gone 6 weeks, and then this last furlough I had was 4 months. Now I’m permanent. New Hires are now trained on 20 light (Basically all the 20 stuff that’s not balance due) and do that for their first year. I coached this year, and Read more

Jul 29

I honestly believe that these people heard that Covid-19 kills more POC and decided they were magically immune due to white skin.

Jul 25

For sure. A facebook friend just shared a tweet saying “Joe Exotic found 5 guys to marry him and I can’t even get someone to tolerate me for longer than 3 days.”

Jul 24

Counterpoint: the stovetop method doesn’t let you just flip the pot over and immediately have your popcorn in a handy bowl, ready-to-eat with 1 second of finishing. Yeah, I’m pretty against unitask gadgets too, but I will always make an exception for Whirley Pop. Read more

Jul 24

I am not a dog person. I really do not like dogs. Even I know YOU DO NOT FUCK WITH DOG PEOPLE, THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP.

Jul 16

Lack of toilets and roles for women are pretty big drawbacks for a lot of fantasy or historical settings. 

Mar 9 2018

A roll certainly lasts me at least a couple of weeks I would think, but that doesn’t count all the bathroom visits when I’m at work, dining out, etc. I still don’t think that adds up to 100 rolls a year but maybe 50 could be in the ballpark?