Grumpy's cat is a goddess
Sep 18
Warm glass

Warm glass happens at about 1500 F; it is sometimes also referred to as bench-work b/c in the past, using an alcohol

Sep 10
No one to lean on?

I think I complained the other day that I bought 3 microwave kilns that I thought were 5"diameter by 2.5" high but

Sep 6

I went out hiding more random bits of art out in the neighborhood but I could not find the dinosaur yard - not even

Aug 30
My vacation w/pics

I tell people that the family cabin is 40 miles from anywhere; this is not true but... Pony, MT is only w0 miles

Jul 27

I just spent an hour composing a post with my own effing pics but I could not post or save b/c Kinja thinks I do not

Jul 19

So today I took a walk on a different route - still trying to stick with the blocked-off streets. Largish skull

Apr 28

I love watching them have a life I can’t but couldn’t they use landscape mode? I feel petty bringing it up but what

Mar 17 2019
This singer is amazing!

ZAZ is so completely natural and wonderful. I love her so...I know I am late getting on the band wagon but OMG! look

Jan 11 2019

I responded to a post about marbles a while back saying that I melt marbles into puddles of joy (the joy is mine when I take the lid off the kiln and see glass glowing at 2000°F). Someone asked me about it but I and Kinja seem to have ‘issues’. We finally resolved them (for now) so here is a peek at the puddles I