Nov 1 2019

I had a master plan for today, but it did not go quite as planned. That’s OK. That’s what blogging is about. You

Oct 30 2019

But then when they come down, it’s much harder to hold onto your faith. When it isn’t all sunshine, and it becomes work, they just go back to the depths that the born again faith pulled them up from. Read more

Oct 23 2019

very cool we live with millions of fucking lunatics who think shit like this 

Oct 22 2019

Naw, they’ll just suspend him ‘pending the investigation’ and he’ll be reinstated prior the winter meetings.

Oct 22 2019

Especially when you consider they gave $300k to a anti-domestic abuse cause and $6.5 million to a pro-domestic abuse cause.

Oct 22 2019

The Astros will quietly say “the punishment will be handled internally and we have no more comment on the matter” in the middle of the offseason and that will be the end of it until this dude becomes GM of the Mets or some shit and has a teary press conference about learning from his mistakes, how he’s a proud father Read more

Oct 14 2019

I understand the players are caught between a rock and a hard place. But this has to be one of the most craven capitulations to money I have ever seen by a major athlete. Should have kept quiet. His rationale is bullshit.

Oct 9 2019

This argument sucks, man! George W. Bush isn’t a lost child; he was the president. He saw photos of the torture, from the man who approved of that torture, and then he stood up for that guy. I linked to this in the blog, which I’m now not sure you fully read.

Oct 9 2019

I guess the point is, what is the expectation for Ellen here? Would it have been better for her to scream “you are a war criminal!” at Bush and then spit in his face?
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Oct 4 2019

“They opened up an investigation and suspended the season after a week? How could these simple country bumpkins, who only know football and how to till the land possibly make this kind of call so quickly? Surly, they don’t understand things like sexual assault. Why, they are most likely still startled by the daily Read more

Oct 3 2019

Her saying she’s OK with it doesn’t mean we can’t criticize the actions of the men doing it. They’re two entirely different things, and neither of them deny her agency.

Oct 3 2019

Oh cool, we’re televising textbook sexual harassment now. She was being a sport because she’d like to keep her job, not because she likes to take part in a wet tshirt contest on TV