Aug 14 2019

Yes.  We strip her down to eat and then scrub her all over with wet wipes.  She gets a bath after the second “meal” of the day.  Learning is messy. Read more

Jul 15 2019

I miss the posts about how there’s nothing to report on in the sports world at this time of year.

Jun 11 2019

My husband still complains about that episode.  I’m like “women get raped on 80% of the shows we watch!  Deal with it!”  At least they didn’t try to make it sexy.

Dec 26 2018

It is currently the third day of Christmas.  People who think the tree should be down by the New Year are mostly celebrating Saturnalia.

Dec 10 2018

Goal was to pay off all my student loans, so that by the time we had to start saving for our kid’s [coming in January] college we wouldn’t still be paying on ours. Learned in May that my husband had one last student loan and it was at 8% (!!!) so instead of paying off my last two loans at 2.5% and 1.75%, I paid off Read more

Dec 5 2018

I’m a little too old for the Jonas brothers to mean much to me, but my general understanding was that they’re on minute 18 or so of their 15 minutes of fame. Didn’t they already go the C-List Reality Show route, and have that cancelled? The idea that he’s the catch here is puzzling.

Nov 5 2018

Can you fund an FSA if you’re not getting insurance? We have coverage through my husband’s job but would like to get an FSA through each job if that’s allowed. The one-sheet FAQ flier doesn’t even begin to answer that question. Read more

Sep 28 2018

Burning your effigy was a compliment — I’ll admit that’s a new one.

Aug 21 2018

No kidding. The point is that not tapping before he gets choked out doesn’t mean he should “die in the cage,” dumbass. It means he gets submitted AND THE REF STOPS THE FIGHT.

Aug 21 2018

Yeah, no. You can’t tap out after you’re unconscious. It’s the ref’s job to notice when a guy goes out and call the fight.  

Aug 20 2018

I like to eat big ones (Brandywine, this year) like an apple but sprinkle a little salt on before each bite. Don’t do this while wearing a shirt you like. Read more

Aug 16 2018

These discussions always center around how long the birth lasts and how likely he is to get back in time to catch the baby/cut the cord. As a woman pregnant with my first kid, my husband is my birth partner. We’re like, taking classes so he can coach me through and be supportive and advocate for me during labor. I Read more

Jul 16 2018

a lot of people were buying homes they couldn’t realistically afford. They were pushed into it by lenders who were more interested in making a buck on origination fees today than on making sure the lenders wouldn’t be scrambling to sell a bunch of defaulted homes a few years down the road when their adjustable rate Read more

Jul 11 2018

He can evict her, if he follows the law.  He can’t “self-help” and have his family go put all her stuff on the curb when she’s out of the house, which is what he tried to do.  

Jun 22 2018

It is one of the few pockets of daily, low brow, cheap / crude / offensive humor available on the internet. Read more

May 24 2018

DC. No reason for them to strive to be so cool. No one is cool here.