Apr 14 2018

Definitely could see Nationwide insurance doing this

Apr 12 2018

Here’s what’s wrong, im my opinion, in almost all of Loewy’s designs: he had a fondness for designs with large, leaning overhangs both front and rear and greater ground clearance than what we’re used to. It gives his designs a comic attribute, like an exaggerated cartoon car.
I think - I’m not sure - that he was

Apr 6 2018

Miata oily bits with old German sheet metal? These are MY PEOPLE! 1934 Borgward Hansa 1100 over Miata F/R subframes. Probably the only pre-war rat rod Borgward in the USA. Mechanically, it’s 100% Miata, from crank to brakes.

Apr 6 2018

Interesting. He needs to paint it though. That patina isn’t simple wear, and the patched areas would detract from the excellent, almost imperceptible, construction detail. I’d do a light bronze personally. Like this Montego:

Apr 5 2018

Just registered and wanted to drop in and say I’m loving the podcast and your articles! Keep up the great work! Read more

Apr 3 2018

Wow what a story I generally don’t listen to podcasts but these first two have me hooked. The twist of meeting the guy that just happened to be on scene right after the tar truck crashed I didn’t see coming had me thinking the car would have been at Wildcat. I also like the way the mom kinda busted his balls about no Read more

Mar 22 2018

A well-deserved COTD. A pun that actually took time to process, but helped make it good.