4/15/18 12:07PM

I didn’t realize it until seeing this video, but the Doppler effect (in addition to hearing the same section of the song over and over) would absolutely drive some to the brink of insanity. As someone who damn near flies into a murderous rage upon hearing Xmas music after years of working in retail and playing guitar Read more

4/06/18 7:11PM

I would drive the hell out of that! I’m so envious. I would have to be buried in it because they wouldn’t be able to pry it from my cold dead hands. BTW those wheels are perfect.

3/22/18 9:30PM

The feeling I get just looking at these cars scares me to think how I would feel having the chance to drive one, much less own one. I’ll take #23 any day!

3/22/18 1:03PM

My list of “must own before I die” cars is ridiculous. Right now I really want a Porsche which will probably never happen. I’d also like to build a rat rod. Id like to have a roadster of some kind. And let’s face it, there’s always a deep lust for anything vintage VW. I haven’t been able to afford a project car in Read more

12/27/17 9:05PM

Thanks for the sweet leaf post. We need more Sabbath and led Zeppelin in our daily lives! To quote one of my own songs, “more than enough will never do” Read more

10/07/17 12:53PM

I’m willing to bet their fathers named them. Although in some cultures, the name is customary for babies born with a mustache.