Caine has been very open to working on just about any project over the years, so it really says something when he’s this open about his feelings on this subject. Read more

I’m surprised at the saltiness of this post. “And he gave them some gas money.” Yeeesh. Read more

I think Joshua is probably the odd man out in the Kushner family. I mean the dad went to federal prison and tried to blackmail his brother in law for providing evidence against him. Read more

Jared’s brother attended the first Women’s March, too. He’s not blindly supporting his brother or his brother’s in-laws. Read more

I’m pretty sure Jared’s father is a white collar crook. I think Josh is the black sheep. Read more

Crazy doesn’t get tired. Crazy is DETERMINED.
Read more

Jordan Peele, you just keep on giving. A treasure you are. Read more

Those meals are frequently provided by Gate Gourmet. It is my understanding that they are also the food vendor to Starbucks. So many turn up their nose at Airline food, but pay a premium for “cake pops” and morning buns Read more

Also to note: in the UK, all of the national museums and galleries are free — The British Museum, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, V&A, Imperial War Museum... Read more

When I visited NYC I was 18 and super broke. In college and paying my way there from money I earned working over the holiday season in the department store. Trust fund kid I am not. I was visiting my boyfriend, and we basically lived off of bagels and chcocolate chip cookies he was surprisingly good at baking. I Read more

The Guggenheim is not worth $25, in my opinion. The Met is worth it (at least to me, because I can spend all day there), but it should not cost a family of four $100 to visit a museum. The Met should remain pay-what-you-wish, or pick a lower ticket price. Read more

There was so much talent on that show. KIW knew how to scout comedians and dancers, that’s for sure. And could make funny movies until he realized that he could make as much money by putting out shit. Read more

“The (under 30) Internet has just discovered In Living Color, a beloved sketch show from the 90's!” Read more

Terry Zwigoff, the director of Bad Santa, just tweeted last month that every time he mentioned wanting to cast Mira Sorvino, the Weinsteins would hang up on him. Read more

Mira Sorvino was definitely one of those actors. I thought that she was excellent in The Replacement Killers. Then she seemed to vanish. At the time, I’d assumed that she was just making movies that I didn’t watch. Read more

There was a time post Lupita N’Yongo’s Oscar win, we’re talking weeks here, that blind gossip items were talking on and on about how she was a flash in the pan, a one hit wonder, difficult, etc. Then when The Force Awakens happened there were more blind items about how she couldn’t act, the green screen was killing Read more

It’s gotten so that anytime I see an actress that falls into the category of “What ever happened to her?” I wonder if Harvey happened. Read more

I think the bigger question is, who’s the buzzkill in post-production who took balls out of a movie for gay men? Read more

I think Armie Hammer is a handsome guy, and also, that Armie Hammer is what Trump thinks he looks like. Read more

Armie Hammer has always looked a decade older than he is. It’s very fucked up to me that he’s younger than Lena Dunham and Dane DeHaan. Read more