Bullitt Ride
Dec 9 2016

Not The F8 of the Furious?  The SVP of Marketing Puns over at Universal really fucked up this time.

Aug 9 2016

Meh, this isn’t really impressive. It’s just jury rigging a car to barely function, call me when they get on the Junkyard Wars level of ingenuity.

Aug 5 2016

I am hoping but doubting that this approach catches on. Everything is insanely fast now. A new Camry will destroy an old 911. What we need right now is more attention to fun and less attention to numbers.

Aug 5 2016

Meh I actually kind of like it. He seems to be saying that no one who buys this would ever be able to drive it at 10/10's anyway so why prove that the car ca do x time? It is about the feeling, not about the speed around the track. he also had a nice dig at the P1/918 for not having a V12.

Dec 10 2015

Tan Alfa ‘68 1650/1750 GTV/A seats. The ones with the buttresses. Game over. the texture, the style, the fit. Looks even better in real life.

Nov 10 2015

So let’s hope that Supergirl’s producers either convince Warner Bros. to let Supes appear on the big screen, or else just write him out of the show. Read more

Sep 18 2015

When I’m pushing a shopping cart around the grocery store this is exactly the exhaust note I hear in my head. Good on ya!

Jun 12 2015

Girl ended up with two black eyes from enthusiastic 1st to 2nd shifts?

May 13 2015

That particular parking lot is near my home, and I’ve done...ahem...*practical experiments* in cars with quicker acceleration capabilities than the Delorean in question. Not doable.

Mar 4 2015

"I crash a lot. There's nothing wrong with me."

Nov 24 2014

I was just making a joke. All my dealings with that company have been a waste of my time. My money isn't going to supporting them.

Nov 6 2014

I actually saw another video from that trip a few days ago, when he went fast instead of sideways. I have to admit, 8.26 is pretty good for a 30+ year old Toyota Cressida.

Oct 20 2014

For me it was the FRS. I remember driving to the local Toyota/Scion dealer with a bit of excitement, which was promptly shattered when they couldn't find anyone on the lot that knew how to drive a manual so they could remove it from their display pad. I had to do that part myself. Once I got out on the road, the

Oct 20 2014

To be fair, it was limited to an extended test drive but man...underwhelmed, though that may have to do more with expectations rather than delivery.

Aug 5 2014

Party-related announcements coming closer to the party, but let's just say you're going to want to be there!