May 10 2019

Go into the weekend knowing that you changed lives and made the world a better place with an obscure Jimmy Carroll reference.

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May 10 2019

I don’t think Nurkic meant anything by the t-shirt, it’s actually just a Jim Carroll Band t-shirt customized for each tour stop, and he happened to attend the Sarajevo show.

Jan 7 2019

Jesus.  Imagine how messed up he’d be if she didn’t have such a naive and charitable worldview regarding her fellow man.

Mar 12 2018

Did he have to wear a cone to stop from messing with the stitches?

Jan 4 2018

Every major airport should have a passport office in it, and some enterprising company or person can be the one to open a franchise of tiny photo taking right next to it.

Nov 24 2017

Not the same pie. Sanders’ has a missing bit of the crust on the bottom.

Nov 17 2017

Check the link. They corroborated that she had text exchanges with friends after the incident occurred, her story being consistent each time.

Oct 16 2017

I’m mostly offended at the idea of drinking beer out of a straw.