4/07/18 2:10PM

that’s rich coming from a proudly bootlicking enforcer of petit bourgeoisie respectability politics.

3/13/18 6:38AM

If Jean Girard and his lovely spouse Gregory aren’t invited, I’m not watching

3/05/18 10:33PM

not the first time poor Trav’s been called upon to work on a Jeep, at least it looks like the Wagoneer was more cooperative than my shitheap XJ.

2/09/18 4:08PM

It’s funny how you’re assuming I don’t “appreciatethe female form” myself. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have the gross macho bullshit clouding how I see women as actual people.

2/09/18 3:59PM

At this point you are choosing to misinterpret what I’m saying. In sex work, in conventional modeling, women have more agency and expression than they do as grid girls, literally just being scenery and having that “winners get the girl” grossness and entitlement perpetuated. It would literally benefit all of us to Read more

2/09/18 3:43PM

Lol fuck off with that disingenuous bullshit. Almost every day in my line of work I deal with sexism ranging from mild (assuming I’m someone’s assistant, assuming I don’t know anything about motorsports) to someone’s unprofessionalism toward me being excused by his manager with “well he’s getting a divorce right now Read more

2/09/18 3:20PM

$kay is consistently fatphobic, antagonistic, and misogynistic whenever women are concerned, but I guess no one cares about that as long as they can trot her COTDs out to say “see, she’s cool with it, therefore it’s ok!” which is bullshit because women are plenty capable of perpetuating misogyny but it doesn’t excuse Read more

2/09/18 3:03PM

I’ve been here before kinja myself, I’m a mod on Oppo, and that’s another thing - lots of us regulars have met, hang out in the real world, at least shared pictures of our daily lives if not our actual faces. No such depth with $kay.

2/09/18 2:54PM

And as a woman who is an engineer in the auto industry, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Alanis isn’t “pinning women against each other” by pointing out that the men in charge literally just want eye candy despite pretending to be ahead of the times.

2/09/18 2:52PM

Allegedly. And even if she is, so was Phyllis Schlafly.

12/11/17 9:52PM

hey dumbass, women have motorcycle clubs too.

12/06/17 9:03PM

It’s apparently more common than originally thought, especially among athletes. A friend of mine is an LMT/LPN involved in actual research on the topic.

12/04/17 5:57PM

is this part the “smile” or the “nose/mustache”

11/27/17 5:23PM

sounds like you’re just too old to know what fun is :P

11/17/17 5:34PM

When it comes to boot licking, Neal McCoy is the real McCoy.

11/04/17 8:39PM

psh, as if we found that sweet mutt in a pet store

11/04/17 8:38PM

it’s a Camaro, but a little of both :)

11/04/17 1:29PM

Chevy in the backseat of a Chevy. Chevception: